$10 Can Build An Empire

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Try to think of your wealth as an empire.

To build an empire, you require bricks.

Think of every $10 note as a brick.

You can either spend it, or use it to place another brick in your empire.

If you start using your bricks instead of spending them, after a week you have a pile of bricks.

After a month you have a wall.

After a year you have a castle.

After a decade you have a city.

After a century you have an empire.

This is how every financial empire is built – one $10 note at a time.

You can’t expect to start a side hustle and build an empire in 2 months.

But you can certainly build a wall.

This is good news for you, especially if you’re just starting.

It means just $10 can move you forward.

A single $10 note is big enough to make a difference.

Every time you earn an extra $10, you are building an empire.

How many bricks do you need to build a million-dollar empire?

A million dollars is just 100,000 ten-dollar notes.

If you can save just ten $10 notes, you will have $100.

Now do that ten more times – you’ll have $1,000.

By now you’ll be an expert, and surely can repeat that another ten times.

Now you’re at $10,000.

Do that another ten times, you’ve got $100,000.

And finally, if you can do it just ten final times, you’re at $1 million.

Ten dollars at a time.

If you buy your groceries at Pak N Save, Costco or a Chinese supermarket – I guarantee you can save $10. One brick.

Next time you need to buy a phone, choose the next model down. It’s $200 cheaper. Twenty bricks.

Next time you walk past Starbucks, keep walking. One more brick.

If you’re at the mall and are about to buy something, open up Trademe. Someone will be selling it second-hand for $50 cheaper.

Five more bricks.

Use a cashback credit card. If you spend $3,000 each month, and get 1% back, that’s $30. Three bricks.

Take these thirty bricks, invest them in an REIT paying 5%.

Now every year on autopilot you’re receiving $15.

One and a half bricks.

Add them to your empire.

Now do it all over again.

All the way to one million dollars.

One brick at a time.

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