For most people, inflation is an inevitability. Every year, inflation means things are going to get more expensive, and that’s just the way it is. Or is it? What if

Inflation Doesn’t Exist For Bitcoiners

A quick recap of the last few weeks. First, Silicon Valley Bank got into solvency problems and filed for bankruptcy. “Solvency problems” doesn’t really mean much to most people, so

Quick Thoughts: The Logical Answer Is Bitcoin

Walter Schloss. You may not know the name, but trust me, all the best investors in the world do. That’s because Schloss was easily one of the greatest investors history

This Retirement Home Operator Could Be A Bargain

Thinking about using Sharesies as your share broker?Sharesies is one of the newest share brokers on the scene and offers good value to smaller investors.Below is a quick summary of

Sharesies Review: An Honest Look At New Zealand’s Popular New Share Broker

Whenever you receive a dividend, you may get asked if you want to participate in the "Dividend Reinvestment Plan".In this article, I'll explain exactly what this means, what your options

What Is A Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Very short portfolio update this month as I’ve been pretty inactive. I’ve had a lot of other duties taking up my time and had hardly any time for my online

Portfolio Update – February 2023

Aussie retail stocks have been very interesting over the past twelve months. Many are at multi-year lows – not surprising – the market prices in rising rates and the coming

Is This Aussie Retailer A Hidden Gem?

First month of 2023 is in the bag and a lot got done this month.I've spent most of my free time building out, and I now have over 50

Portfolio Update – January 2023

An Exodus crypto wallet is a free software wallet that allows you to securely store, manage, and trade a variety of different cryptocurrencies. In this post, we will walk you through

How To Set Up And Use An Exodus Wallet

What Is POLi?POLi is a technology developed by Australia Post.It is an online payments option you can use for online shopping that allows you pay the merchant instantly via your

Is POLI Safe? (And How To Protect Yourself If You Use It)

Who is EasyCrypto?EasyCrypto is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency brokerage based in New Zealand.It was founded by Alan and Janine - a local brother and sister pair who started the site

Easy Crypto Review

In the personal finance space, especially among the frugal living and FIRE advocates, the subject of coffee comes up a lot.Seriously - all the time.This is because there is a

What Is The Starbucks Experiment?

Interest rates have been going up in New Zealand since the government started raising them in October 2021.But why does the government raise and drop interest rates?And how do they

Why Are Interest Rates Going Up In New Zealand?

When I was a teenager my group of friends were really into cars. Every time a car drove past they would say "Wow did you see that Supra! OMG look an

Why Your Circle Is Important (And How To Build It)

Buy Things That Go Up In Value One of the simplest rules of building wealth is to only go into debt for things that go up in value. However, you

7 Simple Rules That Will Make You A Millionaire

Is your home an asset or a liability?In traditional accounting, houses are classed as assets (as are cars, computers, boats and other "things" you buy).However, in Rich Dad Poor Dad,

Is Your House Really An Asset?

Portfolio allocation is about how you divide up your portfolio. How much goes into stocks? How much stays in cash? How much into gold? Bonds? Real Estate?The reason this is

How To Allocate Your Investment Portfolio

Back in 2018 I did an experiment.I wanted to see - what's the return on buying Lotto regularly?So I purchased Lotto every week for an entire year.The process was pretty

I Purchased Lotto Every Week For A Year

Remember when you could buy a Big Mac at McDonald's for $1?That was 25 years ago.Today, a Big Mac costs $7.This increase in prices over time is known as "inflation".Interest

What’s Happening With Inflation In New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the current retirement age is 65.That means when you turn 65, you can officially stop working and the government will start to pay your living expenses.However, a

How People Are Retiring In Their Twenties And Thirties With FIRE

I have a group of friends where we swap business/investment ideas regularly. If we’re out living life and a good idea comes to mind, we share it and bounce it

Is This Young NZ Tech Company A Good Investment?

Why Gold?Gold has been used a form of money for over 5,000 years, from as early as the Egyptian Empire and probably earlier.There are many reasons why humans gravitated towards

How To Invest In Gold In NZ

What Is POLi? POLi is a technology developed by Australia Post. It is an online payments option you can use for online shopping that allows you pay the merchant instantly

Is Account2Account Safe? (And How To Use It Properly)

The beautiful thing about matched betting is everything is based on mathematics.If the maths shows we'll make a profit, we take the bet. If it doesn't we don't.When it comes

How To Make Thousands On Multi Bets (Guaranteed!)

What Is Short Selling?Normally when you sell something, you buy the product first, then sell it later.Short selling is when you do the opposite - you sell the item first,

How To Short Stocks In New Zealand

STEPN is an NFT game that I've been blogging about in my Exploring NFTs series. This guide will take you through buying your first NFT sneaker so you can start your

Exploring NFTs: How To Buy Your First STEPN Sneaker

Time for an update!I've been playing STEPN now for about six months.The biggest benefit hasn't been monetary, it's actually been physical. I have a bad habit of being a workaholic,

Exploring NFTs: Am I Making Money In STEPN?