How To Buy Bitcoin In NZ With A Credit Card/Debit Card

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Nothing in this article is financial advice. The writer is not your financial advisor. Investing contains risk and you can lose money. Consult your own professionals before making investment decisions. This article may contain affiliate links. 

If you’re looking for simplicity and quick transaction time, buying Bitcoin with a credit card is a good option.

However, there are not many services in New Zealand that allow you to do this.

In this guide we’ll show you how to buy Bitcoin in NZ with a credit card using NZD from a reputable broker.

Why buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

The best reason to buy Bitcoin with a credit card is convenience.

It is fast and quick and secure, and you the transaction is pretty much instant.

It’s no different to buying anything else online – using a credit card is always easier than making a bank transfer or a Paypal payment.

However, there are downsides to buying with a credit card, too.

One is the fee.

Almost always, brokerage services will have an extra fee for credit card payments, as opposed to wire transfer. Mastercard and Visa charge around 1-2% on purchases, and this gets passed onto you.

For many people, the convenience outweighs the few percentage points they lose on fees.

Really, it’s up to you.

How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in NZD?

As we said earlier, you’ll need to use an international exchange or brokerage to do this.

We actually have two options to do this reliably in New Zealand.

The first is EasyCrypto – They’re a registered NZ Financial Services Provider and have been brokering crypto for Kiwis since 2018.

The second is Binance – They’re an international exchange and easily the largest exchange in the world.

I’ve been a happy customer of both for several years now, but which is best for buying crypto with a credit card?

Let’s sample both and find out.

Binance vs EasyCrypto

Let’s say we want to purchase $500 NZD of Bitcoin.

To me the comparison is relatively easy – I’ll simply choose the exchange that will give me the most Bitcoin for $500 NZD (including fees).


EasyCrypto charges a fee of 2.67% + $0.37 for credit card purchases.

If we purchase $500, this is what we’ll get:

We can see we’re being charged a fee of $5.37, so our total to pay is actually $505.37.

For that we’ll receive 0.01835418 BTC.

Let’s see how that compares to Binance.

If we spend the same amount at Binance ($505.37) we’ll receive 0.018053 BTC.

This means we receive 0.00030118 more Bitcoin (around $8 NZD) at today’s prices (December 2022) if we purchase using EasyCrypto.

Let’s see how that works with bigger amounts:

Here’s a purchase order for $3,000 NZD of BTC with EasyCrypto:

The credit card fees will be $79.92, so for $3,079.92, we’ll receive 0.11013165 BTC.

Here’s the same transaction at Binance:

Spending $3,079.92 at Binance will give us 0.109841 BTC.

This means we receive 0.00029065 more Bitcoin (around $8 NZD) at today’s prices (December 2022) if we purchase using EasyCrypto.

So looks like EasyCrypto is the better option in terms of value.

How to purchase Bitcoin with Credit Card in NZD: Step-by-step

In this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to purchase using a credit card on EasyCrypto.

First, head to the EasyCrypto homepage and sign up for an account:

From there you will get taken through the signup process, where you will need to enter standard details and provide some ID. It will be similar to signing up for a new bank account.

Once you’ve been through registration, you can start purchasing right away!

Click the “Instant Buy/Sell” button in the menu and enter how much Bitcoin you want to buy:

You will then be taken to an order page where you will be asked to enter a delivery address.

This is where EasyCrypto will send your Bitcoin to:

If you already have a wallet, simply enter your address.

If you don’t have a wallet yet, you’ll need to set one up.

For this example, we are going to use an exchange as a wallet.

This might run contrary to popular advice, but hear me out.

You must understand that, yes, carrying crypto on an exchange contains risk. Your funds can be locked or lost in the event the exchange is compromised. However, carrying crypto in a private wallet also contains risk. Personally, if this is your first purchase, and if it’s only for a small amount of crypto (say, a few hundred dollars), I think an exchange contains less risk. You can read more about my reasoning and why I recommend exchanges for beginners here.

When you start building your crypto portfolio to higher levels (say, up to four or five figures) then I would suggest looking into more secure options such as private wallets and hardware wallets. If that sounds like you, check out my guide on private wallets here.

So how do we get a Bitcoin address on an exchange?

First, you will need an account at Binance.

You can set that up in just a few minutes at the Binance homepage.

Once you’ve done that, go to “Wallet” on the menu, and select “Fiat & Spot, Deposit & Withdraw”:

That should bring you to a wallet overview.

Click “Deposit” at the top:

This will take you to your Deposit page, where you can find addresses to deposit any coin.

Make sure under Coin you select BTC, and under Network you select BTC.

This will then present you with your Bitcoin address. It will look like a string of numbers and letters. For privacy reasons I’ve blanked most of mine out, but you should get the idea:

Simply copy this address and post it into your EasyCrypto order:

On the next page you will need to select your payment method.

Select debit/credit card:

Finally, you need to pay.

Enter your card details and confirm your purchase:

Once you click confirm, your order will process instantly.

It’s seriously that fast and easy!

You’re now the proud owner of Bitcoin 😉

Please DO NOT go into credit card debt to purchase Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a volatile asset. Only invest money you can afford to lose. Credit cards should be used as a means of convenience, NOT as a source of funding. I am not your financial advisor, and this is not financial advice. Do your own research and consult your own professionals before investing.

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