Where To Buy Shares in NZ/AU


Top recommendation

Sharesies is a NZ sharebroker that specialises in smaller investors.

Even if you only want to invest $5 in the sharemarket per week, Sharesies is a suitable platform for you.

The brokerage fee is a flat 0.5% for purchases up to $3,000, then 0.1% thereafter.

It's useable on both desktop and mobile app and the interface is extremely user-friendly, even for beginners.

NZ, Australian and US stocks are all available within the one platform.

It also has the lowest brokerage fees across the board for sharebrokers in New Zealand.

This is my top recommendation for share investing in NZ. You can get $5 free to invest when you sign up using this link.

  • Lowest fees
  • Easy verification process
  • NZ owned/operated
  • Credit card 
  • Kids accounts 
  • NZ / AU / US shares
  • Hold multiple currencies
  • Shares held in trust
  • No stop loss orders
  • Up to 1 day delay for deposits


Hatch is a NZ platform that specialises in US stocks.

The user interface is very slick and easy to use.

It's not particularly suited for small investments as the brokerage is a flat $3 per order (so if you invest $50, you will pay $3 which is 6%).

One of the big bonuses is they pay interest on your cash balance while it's waiting to be invested.

A great platform, but will be suited to specific investors only (investing large amounts, focused on the US market).

You can get $10 free when you sign up with this link.

  • Easy to use
  • US stocks
  • Interest on cash
  • NZ owned and operated
  • US market only
  • Fees can be high

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is a US listed brokerage that operates globally.

The platform is very advanced and is better suited to experienced investors.

The brokerage fees are very low (differs per market, but usually a very small percentage fee) and you have access to all major European, Asian, American, Latin and Pacific markets.

You can also get up to $1,000 in free IBKR stock when you sign up with this link.

  • All major markets
  • Very low fees
  • Outside market hours trading
  • Hold multiple currencies
  • Options
  • Not based in NZ/AU
  • Complicated interface

ASB Securities

ASB Securities is the first brokerage I ever used and I'm still with them today.

Their platform is a little old school but they do have some helpful tools and the phone support is usually helpful and competent.

The biggest issue with them is their high brokerage fees ($15 minimum per trade) which makes them unsuitable for most investors. Unless you're investing amounts above $10k at a time, it makes sense to use a more fee-friendly brokerage like Sharesies.

They also offer US and AU stocks, but again brokerage fees are prohibitively high for smaller investors.

The main advantage of ASB Securities is they buy shares on your behalf, meaning all your investments are held at the registries in your own personal name (as opposed to being held by a trustee).

  • Safe and established
  • Investments held in your name
  • Broker support
  • NZ, AU, US stocks
  • Depth data
  • High fees