Why Your Circle Is Important (And How To Build It)

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When I was a teenager my group of friends were really into cars.

Every time a car drove past they would say "Wow did you see that Supra! OMG look an Evo 5!"

Even though I had zero interest in cars, after a year of hanging out with those guys I found myself suddenly knowing everything about cars.

A car would drive past and I could tell you the size of the rims and the shades of tints on the windows and what type of spoiler it had.

I still didn't even like or care about cars, but every time I saw a nice car I could tell you 50 things about it that a regular person wouldn't know.

By hanging out with people who only talked about cars, I learned everything about cars, even though I didn't even want to or try to!

You might have noticed this in your own life.

If your friends only care about rugby, you end up watching a lot of rugby.

If your friends only care about partying, you end up knowing everything about bars and alcohol and clubs and parties.

Now imagine: What if you spent all your time with people who only ever talked about money? 

How to find good stocks, how to find good real estate and tenants, how to invest for dividends, what side hustles they're doing and how much money they're making, how they reduce their taxes, what newsletters and books they read, which podcasts they listen to, the different tips their lawyers and accountants tell them, the tricks they use to save money on groceries and bills and rent.

Without even trying, you're going to start learning everything about money.

And if everyone in your circle is making a lot of money, it will be impossible for you to not start making money.

If your five best friends are all talking about how they're making $20k a month on their side hustles, and every time you meet they only talk about building and improving their side hustles, what do you think you're going to start doing? 

You might be asking:

What if I don't have any friends that are interested in money? (or whatever subject you're interested in)

You can start by building your circle digitally.

If you're interested in building wealth, here are some places to get you started.

Follow money Instagram pages

Some of my favourites:






Also, don't just follow! Leave questions if you have them, post your own thoughts and research, and participate in the communities. This is how you build connections and grow!

Listen to money podcasts

Some of my favourites:

The Investors Podcast

I don't listen to many podcasts, but they are great for your morning commute and during long walks.

If you don't have friends in real life who like talking about money or investing, simply listening to a podcast for an hour is the next best thing (or even better).

Read money books

Reading will make you elite. 

Some of the best knowledge in the world on money and investing can be found in books.

Some of my favourites:

The Millionaire Next Door

Money: Master The Game

The Four Hour Work Week

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Richer Happier Wiser

100 Baggers

Buffett: The Making Of An American Capitalist

Join Money Forums

Forums are where people with common interests gather online to discuss things.

There are many popular forums, especially subreddits, where you can find lots of valuable discussion on money and investing.

If you're willing to pay for premium forums, these can be valuable too.

Some of my favourites:



Watch money Youtube channels

Youtube is the best place in the world for education.

Not only is it great for watching and learning, you can also interact with other people and ask questions and have discussions.

Now would be the perfect time to cancel your Netflix subscription and spend your time watching videos and interviews of the world's top investors.

Some of my favourites:

Investing with Tom

The Acquirers Podcast

The Defiant

Joshua Mayo

Larry Cheung

The next step is to recommend all of these to your friends/family - some might take an interest just like you did.

Set goals and share progress on your socials and see who takes an interest.

Most importantly, stay focused on your new goals.

Don't let yourself be distracted by the wrong circles.

Eventually people will notice you moving differently and you will attract the right people!

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