Portfolio Update – February 2023

Posted in   Portfolio Updates   on  March 5, 2023 by  Money Bren0

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Very short portfolio update this month as I’ve been pretty inactive.

I’ve had a lot of other duties taking up my time and had hardly any time for my online empire.

Not much side hustle income to report other than my niche sites just ticking along and adding a few hundred dollars.

I tried to make some time for matched betting, but the promos were also pretty thin this month.

As for the market, it pulled back a bit but nothing drastic and nothing unexpected. As a result the portfolio value overall went down.

There’s been no new investments, but I have added to my existing positions weekly, in particular DSK, SUM, YAL and MCK.

Portfolio Breakdown

This portfolio value is made up of the following:
💥 BOOM weekly savings: $3,577
🚮 Decluttering: $6,200 (all detailed in my course Simple Flips)⠀⠀
💸 Matched betting: $45,646 (get started with my free guide!)
📦 Flipping: $2,676 (all detailed in my course Simple Flips)⠀⠀
📝 Surveys: $150⠀⠀
🖥️ Simple Courses sales: $7,793⠀⠀
🎉 Sharesies bonuses: $140⠀⠀
🧧Leftovers from Chinese New Year Instagram giveaway because people didn’t want free money: $90⠀⠀

🎁Leftovers from 500 follower Instagram giveaway because people didn’t want free money: $300
💰 Personal dividends: $2,014

🖱️ Niche Site A (Home Remedies): $5,860 (get started with my free guide)
🖱️ Niche Site B (Fitness): $2,619 (get started with my free guide)
🖱️ Niche Site C (Superfoods): $458 (get started with my free guide)

🖱️ moneybren.com: $96

💵 Interest: $61
💹 Sharemarket gainz: -$2,926⠀⠀

Top 10 Holdings

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