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Nothing in this article is financial advice. The writer is not your financial advisor. Investing contains risk and you can lose money. Consult your own professionals before making investment decisions. This article may contain affiliate links. 

We are now well into the next crypto bull market.

BTC has already made new all time highs BEFORE the halving, which has never happened before.

There is a very good chance altcoins are going to follow.

If I had $1,000 that I didn’t care about, and I wanted to 10x it, these are the coins I’d buy:

DOGE – the original meme coin, previous high was 60 cents, likely we go far past that.

FLOKI – big community meme coin

SHIB – big community meme coin

BONK – big community meme coin

GRT – AI coin

OCEAN – AI coin

AGIX – AI coin

NEAR – Ethereum L2 which has good volume

OP – Ethereum L@ with good volume

FET – AI coin

NMR – AI coin

VET – Commercial focused platform with strong team

AAVE – Primary defi platform on ETH

ALCX – Lesser known defi platform on ETH

Remember – when it comes to alts only invest what you can afford to lose. Get in and get out smartly. Follow the tips in Simple Crypto for investing in alts.

NFA DYOR. Good luck!

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