Getting Ready For Altseason – My 5 Picks

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Nothing in this article is financial advice. The writer is not your financial advisor. Investing contains risk and you can lose money. Consult your own professionals before making investment decisions. This article may contain affiliate links. 

My prediction (which would be astonishingly wrong) is we are going to have an altseason in 2024.

The best time to prepare for altseason is many months before altseason.

The phenomenon that is altseason is covered in Module 2 of Simple Crypto.

Please do not involve yourself in altseason until you have completed at least Module 1 and 2 of Simple Crypto and have read the altseason lesson.

I generally do not get too involved in altseason nowadays, as I believe Bitcoin provides enough upside and has a higher success rate.

However, I’ll admit – altseason is a lot of fun.

Last altseason I had a 100x investment on Solana, which I purchased at $2, and it went on to hit $220.

As a punt, I will be selecting five coins for the upcoming altseason, and I will be putting $100 on each of them for the public portfolio, for a total of $500.

Notice how I am abiding by the 2% rule here as advised in Simple Crypto! The public portfolio currently sits at approx. $85,000, so $500 is equal to less than 1%.

As a percentage of my total net worth, it’s pretty much zero per cent.

I don’t say that to “brag”, just to give you a perspective of how tiny this bet should really be.

Here are my picks:

NEAR Protocol – This is a Layer 2 platform built on top of ETH, designed to improve ETH transaction times and reduce fees. In past altseason these have done well (such as Polygon).

Optimism – Another Layer platform on ETH that is getting quite popular.

Liquity – A DeFi protocol that I personally use, very unique in that it doesn’t charge borrowers interest, instead money is made from liquidations.

Alchemix – Another DeFi protocol.

FLOKI – Just another meme coin with too many fans.

All of these are available through Binance, except for FLOKI which you will need to use a DEX for.

Setting up a Binance account is covered in Module 1 of Simple Crypto. DEXes are covered in Module 3.

You’re welcome to copy my altseason picks above, but please make sure you are only using beer money.

I repeat – beer money only.

Buy the above coins with the expectation they will go to zero.

You might be asking – is this gambling? No, I don’t believe so. It’s an educated bet, based on historical trends and behavioural finance. In other words – predicting what markets are going to do, based on studying the market of the past. It’s not traditional investing, but it’s an informed bet. Just a risky one.

Nonetheless – beer money only.

Good luck.

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