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I recently moved into a new Airbnb for a month, and surprise – it has Netflix.

Since I’ve always been one of those “delete your Netflix and make coffee at home” kind of guys, I’ve never had a subscription.

However, with my Airbnb host graciously providing a subscription for guests, I’ve had the chance to explore this thing and see what all the fuss is about.

So, my day usually has gone something like – wake up, do my morning routine, check a few work things, go to the gym, and then as I sat down to have my post-gym meal (usually around 4pm), I would put on the TV and start choosing something to watch while I eat.

Weirdly (or not), the first half hour always was spent browsing through everything and deciding what to watch. I must say – the amount of content is impressive. There is a ton of crap on there.

The first thing I watched was Physical 100 – a show my friends always talk about. I’m a fitness junkie myself so that was pretty good. That was about 9 episodes. Finished that in two days.

Next, I watched another Korean show called Bloodhounds about two young boxers who start doing some work for a local gang – pretty cool show. Another 9 or 10 episodes from memory. Finished that in two days.

Then I started Love Is Blind, some reality show that Netflix was ramming in my face every day. Finished Episode 1, couldn’t get much further.

I switched to Singles Inferno on a recommendation from friends – a Korean dating reality show where they’re all stuck on an island. Once again I didn’t manage to finish episode 2.

Then I watched Squid Game the reality show. That shit was crazy good and I binged it in a day.

Then I watched Extraction, apparently the most-watched Netflix movie ever. Not bad.

Then I watched The Brothers Sun, a series about the American/Taiwanese triads. Cool show, good fight scenes. Finished that in two days.

Then I watched a documentary series called Live To 100 about the Blue Zones. Interesting show, went grocery shopping right after and bought some chickpeas.

Then I watched another documentary about gut health. Not the greatest, but made it to the end.

Then I started a show called The Gentleman, which is a bit like a British Breaking Bad. Made it to Epsiode 3 – not bad, but something about it didn’t quite click.

So I switched to a show called The Wu Assassins. Kinda cool show but a bit corny, gave up after two episodes.

This led me to a popular show called 3 Body Problem, some clever sci-fi show. Made it halfway through Episode 1 and decided it’s not my thing.

Next on the list was a series called The Beautiful Game – a show about the homeless soccer world cup. Trailer looked funny but didn’t get through Episode 1.

That’s when I came upon Troy – Fall Of A City. I love all things Ancient Rome and Greece and have always said they should make a Troy series, so I thought this would hit the spot, but first episode was hella cheesy and I couldn’t stand it.

Then Netflix suggested a documentary called The Asunta Murder – a docuseries about the famous murder case of an adopted child in Spain. Was average but obviously I had to finish it to see what happened (spoiler – the parents did it, wow what a surprise).

It was about this moment I realised there were enough shows on Netflix for me to spend the entire year (and maybe my life) flicking through different series until I find one I like, binging it, then hitting the next one.

Even though I would turn on Netflix just to watch something while I eat, almost every day I would continue watching long after I finished eating, and often until bedtime.

I know how this story ends – before you know it – 10 years of your life are gone and all you have to show for it is … well I don’t know, you tell me.

It was time for a moment of reflection.

After maybe 50 hours watching stuff and another 10 hours browsing, what had Netflix done for me?

Did it fill me with joy? Not really.

Did it make me any money? Definitely not.

Did I learn anything useful? Maybe to eat more fibre and that hummus is good for you (already kinda knew that).

Is it addictive? Yes.

It’s so addictive that it became automatic – as soon as I sit down to eat I reach for the remote and start browsing. Even when I don’t really feel like it.

So what’s the verdict? Do I still think you should cancel your Netflix?


You don’t even need to invest the $10 you save every month.

Just spend it on candy. A lotto ticket. Even beer. Literally anything would be better than Netflix.

Netflix is where all your dreams go to die.

Yes, I’m exaggerating (but not really).

On the flipside – wow, what a great business. 280 million customers, recurring revenue, and more addictive than cigarettes.

I’ll consider that 50 hours of binging my 50 hours of research 😉

Long NFLX.

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