Your Free Matched Betting Guide

A few years ago while looking for new experiments for @moneybren, I came across a side hustle very popular in Australia called matched betting.

They said it was a risk-free side hustle where you could make guaranteed profits from all the weekly bonuses given out by bookmakers.

Of course, my bullshit meter went off the charts.

As someone whose job used to be looking after people’s money, I know there is no such thing as “risk-free” or “guaranteed” when it comes to making money.

Then I listened to a podcast about it, and it actually started to make sense.

I gave it a try.

I cleared $1,000 AUD profit in my first week.

With more practise, I then cleared $4,000 in my first month.

It didn’t even feel like work. It was like a game, and heaps of fun (especially for someone who enjoys following sport).

Sound too good to be true?

Stay with me.

It should all start to make sense with this quick example:

Imagine you have the following odds for the All Blacks vs Wallabies:

All Blacks: $1.50

Wallabies: $2.50

Now let’s say we bet on both teams – $100 on the All Blacks, and $100 on the Wallabies.

If the Wallabies win, we’ll win $250.

If the All Blacks win, we’ll win $150.

Now I was never very good at maths, and maybe neither were you, but you have probably figured out this isn’t a great bet. 

We’ve spent $200 on bets, and if the All Blacks win we’ll only get back $150, meaning there’s a good chance we’ll lose $50.

But here’s the catch.

What if one of the bets was free?

That means we’ve only spent $100 on bets, and if the All Blacks win, we’ll win back $150, and if the Wallabies win, we’ll win back $250.

No matter what happens, we’ll win $50 to $150, completely risk-free. 

With a little more basic maths, we can calculate that if we’re able to place one of these bets every day, we can hit $350 to $1,000+ of risk-free profits each week.

About $1,000 to $4,000 per month.

That’s matched betting.

Over the last two years I’ve experimented and learned from some of the best matched bettors in the game. After 24 months, I’m sitting on a total profit of $42,000.

Since then I’ve introduced hundreds of Kiwis to matched betting, many of whom have cleared over $10k in profits using the exact free guide I’m about to share with you below.

It’s 100% free. No catch, no hidden costs. Simply enter your email below and I’ll send it right over.