How To Use MyMSD (WINZ, NZ Super & Other Benefits)

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MyMSD is an online portal where you can easily manage all your benefits in one place.

It is developed by the Ministry of Social Development and operated through Work And Income NZ.

Through My MSD you can:

  1. Apply for financial assistance or a benefit
  2. Get help with finding a job (including CV assistance, courses etc).
  3. Declare any changes to your housing or income situation
  4. Get information on your current benefits
  5. Schedule meetings with WINZ
  6. Get a record of your past payments, and check on upcoming payments
  7. Check and pay off debts you have for WINZ

Why Do You Need A MyMSD account?

MyMSD allows you to manage all your benefits and assistance payments in one place.

Having an online services portal will save you a lot of time waiting on hold with the call centre, which is busy year-round.

You cannot do everything in MyMSD, and there will be times when you still need to visit a centre in person. 

However, you can manage a lot of things you previously needed to call or visit a centre for.

This will be much more convenient for you!

How To Sign Up With MyMSD

Simply head to the MyMSD website and sign up.

You will need a Work & Income Client Number to get started.

If you are collecting NZ Super, have received a benefit in the past (unemployment, disability, student loans and allowances), or if you have a New Zealand community services card, you will already have a client number.

If you don't already have one, you can obtain one directly from Work & Income NZ: Apply on their website, or phone 0800 559 009.

Then you can log in to the MyMSD website using a username and password or your RealMe account.

Once you've signed up, you can access your account easily at the MyMSD website.

You can use any device, including a smartphone, laptop computer or tablet.

When you login, they will ask for a pin code, which you should have selected when you signed up.

You might also be asked to verify your login with your registered mobile number - they will send you a text message when you login with a code, to verify it's you.

What's Inside My MyMSD Account?

Once you login, you will see a dashboard like this:

You can see there are two tabs at the top - "Apply" and "Work".

If you would like to Apply for a benefit, click Apply, and this will take you to a screen where you can start the application process:

If you would like help finding a job, click "Work", and it will take you to the jobs portal where you can get assistance working on your CV, some courses to help you upskill, or you can create a Jobseeker profile.

You will also get a selection of job boards where you can search for employment:

Other things you can do is manage your payments, and see your previous payment history and upcoming payments.

In the example this shows a pension/Super payment.

If you click the "Check What You Might Get" tab in the left hand menu, it will take you to a questionnaire that will allow you to see which benefits you might apply for.

Then once you find what you're eligible for, simply head back to your MyMSD account and apply.

Within MyMSD you can also update your details like your address or phone number, request for help or a meeting with WINZ, update your financial situation, request or get details on housing, and read any correspondence or letters WINZ has been sending to you.

As you can see, there are many things you can do with your MyMSD account that you previously needed to see an agent or staff member about.

If you need assistance with your MyMSD account, contact them here.

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