Your Free Niche Site Building Guide

If you’ve been following my updates on Instagram, you’ll notice I have a couple of niche sites that feed money into the public portfolio each month (and several more that fund my private portfolio).

You might be thinking, what is a niche site, and how does it make money?

A niche site is what the name suggests – a website about a particular niche.

Websites can be built by anyone, and if they are useful, they will attract visitors via Google and other ways.

How do they make money?

If your site gets a good amount of traffic, you can simple tell Google to slap some ads on the site for you and they’ll pay you a cut.

That’s the simplest way for a niche site to make money.

But there are many others ways – commissions (you recommend products and then take a cut), sponsorships (people will pay you to publish posts on your website for them), and even selling your own products such as ebooks or courses.

I’ve personally used all of these on my niche sites, and they all work.

The best thing about niche sites – once you’ve built them they’re a bit like rental properties – they just sit there on the internet and keep generating income! This makes them a great option for those looking to build passive income, and the great thing is – they only cost around $50 to get started (for things like web hosting) and anyone can build them.

Anyone can do it

If you’d like to get started building niche sites, I have a free guide available to you that breaks down the first successful niche site I ever built back in 2018. Today the site continues to make around $500 a month and I barely work on it all – an hour a month if that!

In my free niche site building guide, I show you exactly what I did to build this particular site – including how to set up the website in just a few minutes, the different tools I used to research the articles and ideas, all the different ways I’ve monetized the sites (and the results) and more.

Everything is explained in step-by-step fashion in a way a 12-year-old could understand, so if you’ve never built a website in your life it will be perfect for getting you started.

It’s around 4,000 words and definitely worth a lot more than zero dollars! But for MoneyBren readers it’s 100% free. No gimmicks or sneaky upsells. Just a great guide to help you on your wealth journey. Simply enter your email below and I’ll send it right over.