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Too good to be true?

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I sent a text to the group chat.

I just cracked $4k! It hasn't even been a month!

Even I could barely believe it.

We'd been in lockdown for months, and a bunch of us had been swapping ideas on how to make some extra cash.

My Google search on "best side hustles" had led me to some parenting blog in the UK, where a stay-at-home-mom was making thousands per month with this new side hustle that "all the kids were doing".

Skeptical, I followed her down the rabbit hole. I only needed about $50 to give it a try, with apparently "zero risk" I would lose it.

Definitely a scam, I thought. But screw it! Let's have a go.

Within an hour, I'd gone through all the steps and voila. I'd doubled my money.

 For the next four weeks, I spent the entire day learning about this side hustle.

I read all the blogs, signed up to a premium forum, and studied my ass off from morning 'til night, experimenting with all the different methods people were talking about online.

It was overwhelming, but I was obsessed. As someone who loves numbers, and loves making money, I'd discovered the holy grail of side hustles and couldn't get enough.

I started making hundreds per day.

I told my friends.

"Guys, you need to check this out."

A few of them got into it with me and we spent all day talking about. 

Within weeks we had all made thousands of dollars, with no end in sight.

"How do more people not know about this??"

We couldn't believe it!

Okay, okay, I know you're bursting with questions, so I'll get into it.

Here's what this side hustle actually involves:

One of the favourite pastimes in NZ and Aussie is watching sports, and more importantly, betting on those sports.

What people don't realise is betting on sports is a waste of time.

The odds are always stacked in favour of the bookie, which means over time, it's impossible to make a profit.

But, what if there was another way to bet on sports games, without actually gambling?

As in - you already knew what the outcome would be, before the game even started?


Say we're at the TAB, and we want to bet on the All Blacks vs Wallabies.

These are the odds:

All Blacks: $1.50

Wallabies: $2.50

Now, let's say we bet on both teams - $100 on the All Blacks, and $100 on the Wallabies.

If the All Blacks win, we'll win $150.

If the Wallabies win, we'll win $250.

Now, I was never good at math, and maybe neither were you, but you've probably figured out this isn't a great bet. 

We've spent $200 on bets ($100 on each team), and if the All Blacks win we'll only get back $150, meaning we'll lose $50.

But wait.

There's a catch.

What if one of the bets was free?

That means we'd only have spent $100 on bets, and if the All Blacks win, we'll win back $150, and if the Wallabies win, we'll win back $250.

No matter what happens, we'd win $50 to $150, completely risk-free. 

Now think - what if we could place one of these bets every day?

We can hit $350 to $1,000+ of risk-free profits each week.

About $1,000 to $4,000 per month.

And that's exactly what my friends and me were doing.

Over a couple of years, I made $45,000.

And I'm still going.

I've made over $45,000 in 2 years

Here's something you may not know:

This stuff isn't a secret. It's been around for decades. 

The side hustle is known as matched betting, and all over the web are matched betting experts, who share tips and strategies to turn free bonus bets into cold hard cash.

I've spent the last two years researching, testing and experimenting with various matched betting techniques, learning from the best in the game.

In my first ten weeks, I cleared $10,000 in profit, and have since cleared over $45,000 profit in total. 

There Is No Other Course Like This!

When I first stared matched betting, I naturally started telling all my friends, bombing their Whatsapps with stuff like:

"Bro, I just cleared $2k, you HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT!"

A few of us started a Whatsapp group so we could share where the best bonuses were each day and how to play them.

Not only were we making thousands of dollars from our bedrooms, we were having heaps of fun:

I noticed, however, as new friends kept getting added, they all kept repeating the same questions.

I started writing guides explaining everything, to save myself from copy-pasting the same thing over and over.

That's when I got the idea to compile it all into a course, so anyone could replicate my results following a simple step-by-step system. 

That course is Simple Bets, and full access is available to you today.

You will learn all the basics of matched betting, guiding you step-by-step through the process of making your first thousand dollars.

From there you will be taught various matched betting strategies that will allow you to make sustained profits in the long run.

It is not unusual to earn over a thousand dollars each month just from placing a few basic matched bets each day.

You do not need any prior knowledge about sports or betting. 

In Simple Bets, everything is explained to you like you're a 12-year-old, in easy-to-understand language and step-by-step format. 

The course also explains everything on how I made my first $10,000, including a full breakdown of how that figure was made up, real-life examples of every bet type, detailed statistics and crystal clear video tutorials so you know exactly how to replicate it. 

For the price of a few beers, you can start making thousands of dollars per month from home, completely risk free.

What People Are Saying

Don't take my word for it. HUNDREDS of Kiwis have used Simple Bets to start making second incomes, and many have joined my five-figure club (over $10,000 in profit)

With Simple Bets You:


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If you have zero experience with sports or betting, don't worry. The course is designed with you in mind. We start from scratch and explain everything step-by-step, complete with examples and video lessons, making it easy enough for a ten-year old.


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The course is packed with video tutorials so you know exactly what to do. No guesswork, just follow the system. It's proven and gets results.


The course is clean, modern, and easy to follow. No fiddling around trying to figure out how things work. Get stuck right and start making profits.


Full profit breakdowns, stats and examples so you know exactly how to replicate the numbers of myself and other successful students. No fluff, just real data to help you get results.

Hundreds of people are already earning a second income with Simple Bets

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