Buying ETFs

Posted in   Members only   on  April 3, 2023 by  Money Bren0

Nothing in this article is financial advice. The writer is not your financial advisor. Investing contains risk and you can lose money. Consult your own professionals before making investment decisions. This article may contain affiliate links. 

As the portfolio gets closer to $100k, I am trying to weight it more heavily towards ETFs to de-risk. Eventually I’d like the portfolio to be around 40% ETFs, 40% companies, 10% crypto, 10% cash.

I wrote recently on the blog that having everything solely in the S&P 500 wasn’t ideal in my opinion, and a diversified ETF portfolio is better.

The current ETFs I am building positions in are:



ASX:IVV – S&P 500 ETF in AUD

VOO – S&P 500 ETF in USD

VWO – Emerging Markets ETF

This gives a good mix of dividends, growth, and geographic diversity. You’ll notice the @moneybren portfolio already has a few China ETFs as well, but I’m not adding to those.

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