Portfolio Updates

The @moneybren portfolio is a public stock portfolio I have been building since June 2020.

The goal is to provide a step-by-step demonstration of building a portfolio from $0 to $1 million.

The portfolio is funded only by side hustles (that anyone can do!) and stock returns (from price appreciation and dividends).

Every month I give up an update on the portfolio, including the holdings, how each of the side hustles are doing, and some broad commentary on the month. Every update since the portfolio began is listed below.

Been a couple of month since I did a portfolio update, mostly

Things are moving! Currently the S&P500 is at all time highs, and

It felt like markets were getting whooped in October, but we actually

September is over! Not a very interesting month for moneybren.com though –

August has been a quiet month. I haven’t been working on the

Markets continue to be green and the portfolio is looking strong. As

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